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JUARA 5 in 1 Green Coffee 5合1绿咖啡
Content : 15 sachets
Normal : RM 24.00
Member : W.M 西马 : RM 19.00 , E.M 东马 : RM 22.00

j2 greencoffee


j2 gcoffee 1Instant Alkaline Coffee with Chlorophyll and Fibre
Now you can enjoy tasty coffee without sensitive throat & stomach problems

JUARA 5 in 1 Green Coffee contains Alfalfa Chlorophyll which is rich in vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes, minerals and trace minerals. It provides nutrients to the body and cleanses tissues and blood

Fibre in our 5 in 1 Green Coffee is important as well to help you to maintain a healthy digestive system and to relieve constipation.