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I was then introduced to Juara International Liquid Chlorophyll (JILC) by an acquaintance of mine, Mr. Eric Yong Ming Chon and was amazed by the testimonials of JILC by other consumers. Since then, I have decided to give JILC a try as an alternate remedy to my condition.
I started following the recommended dosage of consumption strictly – 3 tablespoons of JILC diluted with a cup of lukewarm water, twice a day, one in the morning before food and one at night before bed.
After consuming JILC for about 6 months, I went for my routine check-up with the doctor and was surprised to have found out that the lump has completely disappeared. Since then, I have continued taking JILC as my daily nutritional health supplement.
JILC is safe and effective. Its remarkable abilities in natural healing and rejuvenating powers that help to cleanse and to regenerate my body cells have helped to keep me healthy and young.
听了JUARA叶绿素神奇疗效的见证,我决定遵循Eric Yong Ming Chon的建议。每天早晚饮用2次,以3汤匙调稀于一杯室温水的JUARA叶绿素饮品。
安全有效的神奇JUARA International 叶绿素,不但能调节生理机能,促进人体自愈力,增进健康与活力,且让你更美丽。